Drop 28/04/23 - Rug City

Drop 28/04/23 - Rug City

Luna Hoodie
"Luna Hoodie"

One giant leap for the team

Auction Tee
"Auction Tee"

about a 94% change you'll get a virus but sometimes you need to take risks

"In The Field Tee"

newsgrounds after primary school on a friday > first born child

Debit Or Credit Tee
"Debit Or Credit Tee"

hate when some sites only accept credit cards, I'm a debit kind of guy personally. each to their own I guess

H&R Rug
"H&R Rug"

oh you knows this is going to look fire on your living room floor.

let me set the scene...

4:39am after a sesh, you get home and all you can think about is crashing out

what do you reach for? the bed? nah. sofa? not tonight. the ceams rug? in-fucking-deed

guaranteed comfort for all activities

Nice mix of items this drop, the main item being the rug. Had a lot of people saying they missed out on the older rugs so would be rude not to bring one back for the people.


Few tees on the line-up ready for summer. Went for a mix on the blank colours, let me know if you're messing with different blank colours? I know some people are strictly white, black and grey for tee but it is always nice to switch it up.


The "Luna Hoodie" has to be one of my personal favorite hoodies we've dropped. Wanted that shit to pop and I think the nail got hit on the head with that. All designs on it are embroidered so you know the quality already going to be 10/10. Went for the terry fabric as well so it's still breathable for all weathers. 


Next drop is going to be one of our biggest yet. Already know it's going to be a ceams summer. More info to be shared soon so keep your eyes peeled on the gram.


Stay safe, cop some Ceams and most importantly, prepare yourself for what's to come.


Luv <3

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