Drop 24/02/23 - Valentines

Drop 24/02/23 - Valentines

"Love Is In The Air Tee"

who needs love when you have ceams?

"In The Details Tee"

devil's in the details

"Multi-grain Appliqué Hoodie"

more grain than kellogg's


Light drop this month, some solid pieces though. This will be our first drop on the new site and with the revamp last month we have upgraded quality on all of our pieces. All our tee's are some of the best quality you can get your mittens on. Heavy organic cotton. Perfect fit. Can't go wrong.


All jokes aside we've been grafting on improving our quality and this is at the forefront of our priorities with each drop. The design could go crazy but if the quality is whack then there ain't no point in copping. It's an L for everyone involved.

Got some nice pieces in the mixer, ready for when the UK decides to stop raining and being cold asf. We're going to have summer on lock so tap in when you can so you don't miss what's going on behind the scenes.

Check the gram for when the next drop will be previewed.


Stay safe, cop some Ceams and most importantly, prepare yourself for what's to come.


Luv <3

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